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Smart City Expo World Congress 2019

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From Latin, (pl. form) boni, bonum

good, good thing, profit, advantage
goods (pl.), possessions, wealth, estate
Boni Viri (Latin: Good Men)

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

MaaS represents a significant opportunity for all participants in the mobility ecosystem. Social and demographic trends, and the popularity of various integrated mobility apps, suggest that consumers want MaaS, 

Behaviour Change in the context of Personal Mobility

Private vehicle-based mobility is still the preferred form of transport. Sales data supports this with continued demand for new vehicles with a record global sales year in 2017 (+ 2.4% up to 86,42m). 


Every industry has its own language. If you are a surgeon, you would talk about anaesthesia, incision, prothesis, ARDRGs.

If you speak about the last mile, on-demand services or roadside sensors, its likely you work in the mobility industry.

Let's Work Together!

Every task, every project is different, so let´s talk to find the best taylor made solution.

About us

Backed by more than 25 years of combined experience in mobility and digital health, we bring significant domain knowledge to support our clients on various projects.


Job vacancies

We are looking for a

Generalist Python Developer
Keyskills: Designer, REST/RESTful API Concept, JSON API, Google Cloud Platform Services, AWS

Senior Developer – Conversational AI
Keyskills: KB, NLP, BOT training, SQL Sever 2012, JSON, XML, GIT / TFS


Business Partners / Investors

We search for businesss partners to team up with and investors who will help us to speed up our endeavour.


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SMARTMOBILITY Congress, Smart City Expo World Congress,
19.-21. November 2019, 

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